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Your Dental Health and Halloween Candy
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Ginnie Chen

Your Dental Health and Halloween Candy

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, don't let the sugar play some unwanted tricks on your teeth. Do you know with all the different types of candies, the type of candies you choose can cause more damage to your teeth. We all know that sugar causes cavities. This is when the bacteria in your mouth eat the sugar and left over food in your mouth and produce a weak acid that eats away the tooth.

The worse type of candies are the gummy, taffy and sticker candies. It tends to stick to your teeth and take longer for your saliva to wash away. As the candy sticks to your teeth the risk of cavities increase.

The hard cardies also increases your change of getting cavities because of the length of time that the sugar stays in your mouth.  

If you were to choose what type of candies to eat. It would be chocolate. Chocolate then to melt right away and the time that it stays in your mouth is shorter than the hard candies. 

It's ok to eat candies as long as you brush right after or rinse out with water.


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