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What are some causes of toothaches?
Friday, May 4, 2018
Dr. Ginnie Chen

What are some causes of toothaches?

The most common toothaches are signs of tooth decay. When decay are small it can be fixed with a filling by your dentist. What cause the pain is when certain bacteria in your mouth create acid and permanently damage the hard enamel surface of your tooth through the tiny openings or holes around the tooth surface. Once the bacteria reach the dentin which is has nerve endings, are responding with inflammation. Blood vessels are going to that one tooth which can lead to swelling around your tooth and face.

There are other causes of pain for example food getting stuck between your teeth, trauma to the teeth, including injury or grinding your teeth.

A sinus infection or allergies can also feel like pain in the teeth.

Also gum infections can cause tooth pain.

When you have beginning signs of mild pain, make an appointment with your dentist. Your dentist can find the cause of the pain and treat it right away before it gets any worse.


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